This website was built as a way for anyone to learn and practice the Portuguese language - specifically Portuguese from Portugal. The idea for the site is a regular flow of articles which have the following;
  • Text - written in Portuguese from Portugal
  • Grammar highlights - word or phrases of interest are highlighted to give additional information
  • Audio - spoken in by a native Portuguese speaker
  • Questions - multiple choice questions based on the article text
The articles are graded from easy to hard and the text is sourced from places like Wikipedia and other resources that have shareable content.

How to receive the articles

We provide various ways to keep up to date with Portuguese from Portugal articles.
  • Website - visit the site on your computer of phone and come back regularly to read and list to new articles.
  • Podcasts - the audio from each article is also released in podcast format so you can subscribe in your favourite podcasting software.

How to contact us

If you would like to give us some feedback, please send an email to - contact@portuguesefromportugal.com